Stuff I’ve Learned While Blogging at J.T.

This is my last regular post on Jeanette's Torch, though I may be back on occasion in the future. I am so grateful to all of you for your support and love throughout the past 6 months and more! God is good!   Stuff I learned while doing this blog:   1. Feminism is tricky... Continue Reading →


Feminism: The Catholic Version is Better

Here's a question: What is feminism, anyway? I thought I knew, and I thought I liked it. I believed Emma Watson: Turns out Emma Watson may not be the best source for a definition of feminism. But who does get to define feminism? Ok, but that’s definitely not it.   When I asked a feminist/gender... Continue Reading →

The Idolatry of Marriage

Hey, have you seen that movie? The one with that girl and this guy, and you just know they have to get together. And then they do and it's so exciting! And then--oh no!--there's this problem and you think maybe they won't get together. But then somehow it all gets fixed and then they get... Continue Reading →

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